Who takes care of your pets when the family are on holidays?

Trying to plan a holiday can be very stressful when you know you have to leave the fur kids….

But who do you leave them with?
Or do you board them in a kennel or cattery?
What is the best option?
Do you get your family or friends to take care of them?

Here are some of our thoughts:


Boarding facilities have firm polices in place and are very caring of all pets in their facility, however, with all places with high volume of animals in one area, the likelihood of disease is increases as well as stress on our fur kids. If you are looking at using a boarding facility, always look at the staff they hire and their policies and procedures in place. Also determine if your pets personality will suit this kind of environment- is your pooch a social butterfly? you kitty cats loves a play and doesn’t mind other cats?


If you choose to employ a professional pet sitter that comes to your house or have your pet board with them – This is a great option for your fur kid to stay with in a family environment, helping to reduce stress especially if they are able to stay in their own home. With any pet sitter, you need to ensure a clear care plan is left with all details about your pets husbandry, medical and behavioural information.

Our best advice-

1: Make sure your pets microchip details are up to date.

2: Provide super clear instructions to your pet sitter, especially about what to do if your pet/s become ill or there is an emergency.

3: Notify your Veterinary clinic of your plans, and even your dogs groomers or trainers too.

4. Leave emergency contact details & in country contact details incase there is an emergency.

5. You and your family need to be completely comfortable with the pet sitter. They should be more than happy to have meet and greets with everyone in the family. Ensure they are police checked, provide references and have insurance is also recommended.

6. Most importantly, your pets need to be happy with the sitter- if you have a sensitive fur kid, maybe multiple meet and greet are needed for them to feel better about the arrangement.