Dog walking apparel and training aids

When you head into your local pet store it can be very overwhelming to look at the walls of dog collars, leads and harnesses and think W..T…F….. what will be best? what one do i need? which one will stop my dog pulling?

For a dog to walk nicely on a standard flat collar, you need to do training for lead walking, and be consistent with it- contact your local training for assistance with this.. don’t have one? try “the dog training chick”

Below are some options for when your dog is either pulling or being silly on the lead (jumping at people walking past etc). Please note standard harnesses which connect from the back all do the same thing, they just come in different designs!

Don’t be fooled by the marketing! Most dogs will pull against a standard harness, and thus, their behaviour on a lead does not improve, try these options instead:


Black dog  training halter  : good for dogs who are pulling BUT are not being silly on the lead


Black dog balance harness : fantastic for dogs who are pulling and being silly on the lead, you can distract a dog and get them to look at you and do basic commands and improve behaviour when on lead.


Treat Pouch: easy access to treats when on walks!

Clicker : getting a better response from your pup by doing clicker training


Double ended lead: when used in conjunction with a balance harness, you have better control with large breed dogs


Original Sporn halter: great for large breed dogs who are pulling on the lead


Sporn mesh harness: same as the sporn harness, larger mesh front for sensitive dogs


Short Lead: Best used in conjunction with a sporn harness